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Lights, Camera, Briana: A Star on the Rise

Updated: May 18

Briana is an artist born to uplift souls through authentic storytelling. She is empathetic, uses her raw emotions to bring characters to life, and lights up every room with her radiant energy and smile. Her confidence, bravery, and charisma are easily shown on camera.

She has diligently studied her craft through ongoing acting training classes at Ivana Chubbuck Studio since the beginning of the year. With hard work and dedication as her driving forces, she is ready to commit fully and immerse herself into any role that allows her to express herself as an instrument of change. Her goal is to touch souls worldwide with relatable, emotionally stirring stories. She believes that through compassionate art, the world can be a bit brighter each day. Despite any current inexperience in professional productions, her highest purpose is to achieve this calling alongside visionary creatives.

At her core burns optimism and a drive to inspire through vulnerability. Challenging limitations inspires her to keep growing in hopes of transforming preconceptions. Boundless curiosity fuels her imagination as she welcomes challenging notions of what stories can portray. She's dedicated to growth and bringing vitality to any project. With her chameleon-like abilities she embodies any character authentically. Whats more, a relentless passion drives her towards constant growth - she fearlessly invests in honing skills, taking risks, and empowering others success.



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